West Active, located in Melbourne’s West, provides sports and spinal physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and supervised fitness classes.

We have combined injury management and a fitness studio to relieve, renew and restore patients of all levels of fitness.

Our physiotherapists have a wide range of experience in the private sector and hospital rehabilitation setting.


West Active offers the highest standard of care to help understand and correctly resolve your pain and injury the first time. We cater for individuals of all levels of fitness and health.

West Active is a leader in pain and injury management. We provide Sports and Spinal physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and supervised fitness classes.

We have adopted a unique philosophy of care to completely understand your condition.


This is based upon client’s needs, goals and objectives. Once this is established we will come up with a clear and concise successful treatment plan that we will guide you through.

To offer relief we do everything we can to settle your pain or discomfort. Once the ‘root’ of the problem and the fundamental qualities have been identified we aim to restore you to normal function and beyond.

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Here’s why you should choose WEST ACTIVE

KISS – Keep it simple sport!

It’s Simple!

With any pain or injury, we aim to get you back
right the first time and show you how to keep improving.

Absolute Transparency

We are not here to want to waste your time & money!

So if you’re not showing any clear signs of improvement we will refer you for further investigations or to our network of first-rate consultants.

With our vastly experienced practitioners we pride ourselves on giving you the most optimal care available.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make sure you completely understand the root of your injury or pain and get you back to the renewed you!

Get Answers

You want to know the answer to these questions:

  • What is my diagnosis?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How do I fix it?
  • When do I get back to work or activity?

At West Active we will answer these for you and then set up a plan to get back to your active life.

We love innovative and modern activity
and so does the evidence that surrounds us.

We aim to keep you on track to find the renewed you! We constantly monitor all our patients and clients to ensure they are getting results without the chance of re-injury or loss of motivation.