Hip Injuries West Active Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy

At West Active our sports physiotherapists are at the forefront of the latest ‘evidence-based practice’. We have sports physios that hold a Masters degree in sports physiotherapy and have many years….

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Spinal Physiotherapy West Active Physiotherapy
Spinal Physiotherapy

Consult with a West Active physiotherapists who will get you to completely understand the ‘root’ of your condition. The physios are up with professional development and use the latest evidence based practices…

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Clinical Pilates West Active Physiotherapy Treatment
Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a method of exercise therapy that when practiced properly and with consistency develops control and endurance of the whole body, improves flexibility, and builds strength. It puts emphasis on correct alignment…

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Sports Medicine at West Actove
Sports Medicine

West Active sports medicine staff are specially trained in the treatment, management and prevention of sporting injuries by assisting all active people to achieve optimal benefits from their exercise, activity and competition…

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Rehab West Active Physiotherapy Treatment

At West Active we aim to prepare and educate our clients for what is to be expected. More importantly, to understand joint restoration and movement, muscle strength and swelling following their procedure…

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Exercise Physiology at West Active
Exercise Physiology

At West Active our Exercise Physiologist can offer even more. They identify the underlying physiological mechanisms and behaviours that limit an individual’s physical well-being. West Active’s Exercise Physiologists are…

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Dry Needling at West Active
Dry Needling

Dry needling is another form of soft tissue treatment that is a useful adjunct to your manual therapy. Acupuncture and dry needling techniques are similar, and are sometimes used in conjunction…

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Pain Management at West Active
Pain Management

West Active provides an outpatient, intensive pain management program for individuals with a variety of chronic pain (present for more than 3 months). Our pain management program is led by a group of medical…

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Myotherapy at West Active

This form of massage works by increasing blood flow to the tissues, assisting with scar tissue breakdown, and encouraging lymphatic drainage of swelling and waste products. The effect of this is normalised soft tissue…

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Athletic Screeing at West Active
Athletic Screening

At West Active we spend a lot of time helping sporting teams and individuals prevent injuries. In the modern sporting era, player availability can go a great way to determining the result of a lot of matches…

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