Your First Visit

Outside West Active


Making Contact

If you book online you can choose your preferred staff member.

If you book over the phone, our friendly receptionist will ask a few important questions to direct you to see the right physio for your pain or injury.

Knowing about your condition and severity helps us guide you to the best physio for your needs.

What to Bring?

If you have any X-Rays, scans, reports, doctors letters, a list of medications you are on, or other information that may be may be useful please bring them along.

What to Wear?

Wear loose fitting clothing or clothing that can be easily removed to show the physio your injury site.

Gym clothes should be brought if applicable



Once you settle on an arrival time, please come 5-10 minutes earlier to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

After sit back, relax and read the magazines or watch the TV provided.

Get Ready

The practitioner will come out to greet you by name and lead you to a private room.

History Taking

Your Physiotherapist will ask you specific questions in relation to your pain or problems.

Just remember we love to know about all the different pains and discomforts you may have. It helps us to know you and your condition.


Your Physiotherapist will talk you through the physical assessment and explain what they are doing.

After this we discuss about your diagnosis and treatment.


Your physiotherapist will treat you accordingly based upon their assessment and diagnosis.

If you wish to ask questions during the consultation please do.


Near the end of your appointment the physiotherapist should summarize the main points of the session. Nothing worse than leaving and forgot everything that has happened.

If you are unsure please ask or alternatively call back later.

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Your physiotherapist will give you tailored exercises and advice on your first appointment. It is important to follow these recommendations.

You will most likely need a follow up appointment, your physiotherapist will instruct you if and when you need to come back.


You are likely to feel better after your appointment. However, in some cases it is quite normal to have post treatment soreness. Your physiotherapist will explain if your discomfort is considered normal for your condition.

Each visit will build on the last and certain milestones should be met.

Before you Leave

When your consultation is finished, we require payment on the day.

Veteran’s Affairs, Workcover, third party accident insurance and your private health insurance will pay some or your entire physiotherapy fee.

If you are privately insured, please bring your health insurance card as we can use HICAPS to bill the insured directly so that you do not have to send any claim forms.

Call us for more information.